Twitter, Wordle, and ChimeIn as Student Response Pedagogies


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twitter, microblogging, nanoblogging, twitter in the classroom


  • An internal grant allowed two instructors at the University of Minnesota to address design challenges in their Medieval Cities of Europe course.
  • Of particular concern were poor student attendance of in-class films and lack of attention by those who did attend, which an initial pilot targeted using Twitter and Wordle.
  • These cloud-based student response systems encouraged productive intellectual discourse among students on Twitter and helped the instructors identify and address misperceptions apparent in word clouds.
  • Unable to find a closed, authenticated, anonymous environment, the university developed a cloud-based SRS called ChimeIn that powered the same pedagogical strategies as the Twitter/Wordle pilot in a user-friendly, scalable experience, while also allowing for more classic "clicker-style" uses for multiple-choice questions.