Personal Knowledge Management Skills for Lifelong-learners 2.0


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Type of work: Book Chapter


Digital Literacy | Social Media & Social Software


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In this chapter we identify the Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) predispositions, skills and competences of the effective life long learner 2.0. We derive a PKM skills model hinging around a division into basic PKM competences, associated with the social software web practices of createorganize-share, and Higher Order skills (HO skills), which identify enabling conditions and competences favouring the advanced management of one’s personal knowledge. To derive the PKM skills model we carried out a survey addressed to 16 interviewees who can be defined as expert life long learners 2.0. The HO skills branch out into four macro competences, identified as connectedness – ability to balance formal and informal contexts – critical ability and creativity. The aim of the current research is strictly methodological and has as its scope the planning of educational activities for individuals who are not yet expert learners. The results of the survey conducted with expert lifelong-learners 2.0 will serve as a basis to translate the theory of PKM into educational practice.