Microblogs in Higher Education – A chance to facilitate informal and process-oriented learning?


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ISBN: 0360-1315

Type of work: Article (academic)


e-Learning and Instructional Technology | Social Media & Social Software


nanoblogging, microblogging, twitter, twitter in the classroom


Microblogging is one of the latest Web 2.0 technologies. The key elements are online communication using 140 characters and the fact that it involves “following” anyone. There has been a great deal of excitement about this in recent months. This paper reports on a research study that was carried out on the use of a microblogging platform for process-oriented learning in Higher Education. Students of the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria used the tool throughout their course. All postings were carefully tracked, examined and analyzed in order to explore the possibilities offered by microblogging in education. It can be concluded that microblogging should be seen as a completely new form of communication that can support informal learning beyond classrooms.