Integrating Education, Technology, and SDG’s: a three-pronged collaboration


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e-Learning and Instructional Technology | Education


SDG, virtual reality


Social and technological evolutions are forcing changes in education worldwide. An important guide for such changes are the sustainable development goals (SDG’s) adopted by the United Nations. SDG 17 calls for partnerships built on shared vision and goals. In this study, statistics reveal the need, in adult education, for more strategic transversal skills, such as communication, interaction, networking, global international communication, and social participation skills, rather than formal instruction. A case study is presented illustrating a real example of how a tripartite collaboration between schools, institutions, and enterprises can work to engage students around the SDGs. The project was a virtual reality exploration of the planet Mars, in which young adult students at risk of exclusion were engaged to collaborate, solve problems, and work toward gender equality. The authors correlate the case study activities to several learning taxonomies, and propose the basis of an action-oriented framework for developing a smart pedagogy of digital transformation.


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Lorenzo Galés, N. & Gallon, R. (2020). “Integrating Education, Technology, and SDG’s: a three-pronged collaboration”. In Daniela, L. (Ed.), Innovations, Technologies and Research in Education, 2019, 10-22. Proceedings of ATEE Spring Conference. Latvia: University of Latvia.