Making by Hacking: Citizens of change creating the future now


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Information Society | Nonprofits | NPTech | Participation | Usage & Uptake


Making by Hacking: Citizens of change creating the future now is the motto chosen this year to convey the moment we are experiencing now. It reflects not only the work we do every day but where we want to reach and, more importantly, how we want to reach it. It is, therefore, not only a new way of being but also of thinking and doing. A new way to face the challenges, to decide how we carry out our ideas. Of course, in this way of being and doing, technology is the transversal axis that helps us to deconstruct the established to create something new in a completely disruptive way. Whatever the sope is. It does not matter if we talk about education, smart-cities, science, health, participation… It is a question of how to be aware, to face existing needs, not so much to generate business but rather to generate social transformation, to turn them into opportunities, to hack what is established and build in an open, transparent, ethical, sustainable and inclusive way.

Independently and above the objectives we can pursue, I highlight what unites us, the way we have to face the challenges: in a collaborative way, betting on the open culture and low cost tech, to generate trust, autonomy and independence. Always from a glocal, replicable and scalable perspective, highlighting the power of imagination and inclusive design. All with an ultimate goal, the search for creative and innovative solutions to social needs, with citizenship in the center of all of it.

Making by Hacking is the concept which invites us to reflect on the impact that these makers of change are creating today to transform their reality, add value, release knowledge, protect human rights. In the end, to use the power ideas, collective knowledge and technology to deconstruct the society we are living in to create, today, the society of tomorrow.