A composite index for the benchmarking of eHealth Deployment in European acute Hospitals. Distilling reality in manageable form for evidence based policy


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Benchmarking is an important pillar of European policy making and has acquired a ‘quasi-regulatory’ role within the Open Method of Coordination in that it helps the Commission and MS to set target and monitor their achievement. After at least a decade of policy efforts and investments of public money to digitalise healthcare delivery it is a good time to take stock of where we stand in terms of take up, usage and impact. Applying state of the art multivariate statistical analysis to the data of survey of eHealth deployment in Acute European Hospitals funded by Unit C4 of DG INFSO, JRC-IPTS researchers have constructed a composite indicator of take up and usage of eHealth in European hospitals, as well as a typology of impacts. This combined analysis clearly show how, if methodology and substantive policy issues are rightly integrated, benchmarking can really contribute to the policy process and help decision makers fill existing gaps and invest into promising directions.