Ten composite indices for policy-making


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ISBN: 978-92-846-8486-1

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Evidence and data are key to good policy-making, in particular when it comes to setting priorities, mitigating negative impacts and finding optimum trade-offs. The information provided in this publication is designed to help policy-makers by providing sources of data and identifying possible bias in their use. EPRS has selected 10 composite indices in a range of policy areas from reliable sources; indices already used as references by policy-makers. For each index, a chapter presents the producers and describes their objectives in publishing the index, the data compiled, and how that data is or could be used by policy-makers. The chapters also highlight each index's limitations.


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Pichon, E., Widuto, A., Dobreva, A. & Jensen, L. (2020). Ten composite indices for policy-making. Luxembourg: European Parliamentary Research Service.