Does the Type of Event Influence How User Interactions Evolve on Twitter?


del Val, E., Rebollo, M. & Botti, V. (2015). “Does the Type of Event Influence How User Interactions Evolve on Twitter?”. In PLOS ONE, 10 (5). San Francisco: Public Library of Science. Retrieved April 22, 2018 from

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Network Theory | Participation | Social Media & Social Software




The number of people using on-line social networks as a new way of communication is continually increasing. The messages that a user writes in these networks and his/her interactions with other users leave a digital trace that is recorded. Thanks to this fact and the use of network theory, the analysis of messages, user interactions, and the complex structures that emerge is greatly facilitated. In addition, information generated in on-line social networks is labeled temporarily, which makes it possible to go a step further analyzing the dynamics of the interaction patterns. In this article, we present an analysis of the evolution of user interactions that take place in television, socio-political, conference, and keynote events on Twitter. Interactions have been modeled as networks that are annotated with the time markers. We study changes in the structural properties at both the network level and the node level. As a result of this analysis, we have detected patterns of network evolution and common structural features as well as differences among the events.