On-line Certification for All: The PINVOX Algorithm


Canessa, E., Fonda, C. & Zennaro, M. (2012). “On-line Certification for All: The PINVOX Algorithm”. In International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning, Sept. 2012. Vienna: International Association of Online Engineering.

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Type of work: Article (academic)


e-Learning and Instructional Technology


A protoype algorithm: PINVOX (“Personal Identification Number by Voice") for on-line certification is introduced to guarantee that scholars have followed, i.e., listened and watched, a complete recorded lecture with the option of earning a certificate or diploma of completion after remotely attending courses. It is based on the injection of unique, randomly selected and pre-recorded integer numbers (or single letters or words) within the audio trace of a video stream at places where silence is automatically detected. The certificate of completion or “virtual attendance” is generated on-the-fly after the successful identification of the embedded PINVOX code by a video viewer student.