Los efectos de las redes ciudadanas en la campaña electoral del 9-M


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Type of work: Article (academic)


Communication | e-Politics


The election campaign of 9-M in Spain has led since digital media and audiovisual an area of convergence of technologies aimed at enhancing the dissemination of messages electioneering and create a new space advocacy electioneering from new platforms emerging civic networks. Behold the subject of our investigation focuses on the effects and tools that are used by political parties with greater parliamentary representation. To that end, we look at some of the technologies employed during this campaign and its impact on the digital space. Thus, we will provide a methodology focused on observing the use made of these technologies during the last election campaign. The methodology has been qualitative analysis drawn from interviews and reports from the various cabinets communication and representatives involved in the campaign’s institutional PP (Partido Popular) and the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party).