Creation of a learning landscape: weblogging and social networking in the context of e-portfolios


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The e-portfolio is for many a recognised tool employed for a multitude of purposes: employment; assessment; life-long learning; professional development; accreditation of prior learning. The number of institutions adopting some type of e-portfolio system has risen dramatically over the past two years. The e-portfolio is altering learning pedagogy and for some creating a truly learner-centric knowledge environment. Countless institutions are pushing ahead setting up systems to act as e-portfolios, others have grand visions; every citizen in the EU will have an e-portfolio by 2010.

Still questions remain: how can we promote student engagement in the process? In the pursuit of assessment data adopted by a positivist model are we missing an opportunity to support deep learning? This short report will explore one idea which could help address the problem of learner engagement creating a scenario where students want to use the system therefore be at the centre of the whole e-portfolio process and in turn, through engagement, benefit from the deep learning potential.