Tech hubs, innovation and development


Jiménez, A. & Zheng, Y. (2018). “Tech hubs, innovation and development”. In Information Technology for Development, 24 (1), 95-118. Indianapolis: Wiley Periodicals. Retrieved September 30, 2018 from

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Type of work: Article (academic)


ICT4D | Innovation


special education needs, sen


This paper critically discusses of the relationship between innovation and development by presenting a case of a Technology and Innovation Hub. It draws upon the capability approach by Amartya Sen to understand the implications of tech hubs in development. We argue that tech hubs, as collaborative spaces, may contribute to human-centered development processes in ways not directly linked to employment or market-based products. This advances a human-centered view of development which focuses on aspects of well-being and agency that people have reason to value. Conceptually, the paper proposes an understanding of innovation for development as (often unequal) social processes which might contribute to human development if and when the people involved perceive value in the processes, and these values include improving their own communities and society.