Through Liquid Democracy to Sustainable Non-Bureaucratic Government


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ISSN: 2075-9517

Type of work: Article (academic)


e-Democracy | e-Government


The paper summarizes the concept of Self-Service Government (ss-Gov) as presented earlier and explores how the principles of Liquid Democracy (LD) can be applied in ss-Gov for collaborative decision making. A thorough insight into the history of LD is provided and its recent developments are summarized. By combining ss-Gov and LD, the concept of Sustainable, Non-Bureaucratic Government (SNBG) is developed as a novel, blank-slate approach to government of eligibilities within- and towards governmental systems. It is argued that such entanglement of LD with ss-Gov results in a closed-circuit system that can provide end-to-end self-management of jural relations. Thus, it is argued, SNBG is a vision concept capable to enable morphable self-managed government which requires virtually no mediatory human agents for government. The feasibility of such approach is discussed based on a Gedankenexperiment featuring a modern parliamentary decision-making process.