The 2006 e-readiness rankings


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With over 1bn Internet users and 2bn mobile-phone users worldwide, and continual progress in most qualitative indicators of technology-related development, the world in early 2006 may be proclaimed ever more “e-ready”. This year’s e-readiness rankings reflect such progress, as all but two countries have improved their scores from the previous year. Most of the rankings’ top players have moved upwards in lock step, and there has been little real movement in the broader ranks from 2005 to 2006 (although the addition of three new countries this year has pushed some down the list).

Just as encouraging is the apparent narrowing of the “digital divide” in some facets of e-readiness. This is particularly evident in basic connectivity: emerging markets are providing the vast majority of the world’s new phone and Internet connections. Many developing countries are also enhancing their e-readiness in other ways—for example through the growth of information technology (IT) outsourcing capabilities in countries such as Bulgaria, Vietnam and, of course, India.