From Digital Divide to Use-Divide


Ozaltinordu, G. (2006). “From Digital Divide to Use-Divide”. In Digital Divide Network, January 24th, 2006. St. Newton: Center for Media & Community at EDC. Retrieved March 16, 2006 from

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Original name: From Digital Divide to Use-Divide

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Digital Divide


It can be asserted that the present level of frustration with e-solutions is not connected to the weaknesses of the solutions but rather to managerial weaknesses. These weaknesses are either related to the inability of managers to decide where and when to use e-solutions and for what purpose or to their inability to assess the impact of e-solutions on other areas of business management. Whatever the reason, suggestions on e-solutions must either accompany managerial solutions or be made after making sure that the management competence is there.