The UOC’s educational model. Evolution and future perspectives


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ISBN: 978-84-692-6036-4

Type of work: White Paper


e-Learning and Instructional Technology | Education


The UOC’s Educational Model: Evolution and Prospects is a document that aims to present the bases of the evolution and innovation of the UOC’s educational model.

Since the start, the UOC has developed its own educational model in order to respond to the needs of adults in lifelong learning, taking full advantage of the potential of information and communication technologies.

The evolution of training needs and the development of the technology itself mean that the educational model also has to evolve, introducing changes and innovations to improve learning by increasing and improving use of the web.

The model we present is dynamic and flexible. It is designed to adapt and evolve constantly. It is a model that guarantees closer links between the learning methodology and the students’ experience, emphasising networked and web-based learning.

It is a model based on the design of spaces, resources and dynamics that aid learning. Students and their learning activities are the focus for training activities that look to ensure constant improvement of student competences.

The educational model promotes participation and collective knowledge building through an interdisciplinary and open approach to students’ educational, social and working experience. The model incorporates collaborative learning through methodologies that involve problem-solving, participation in the development of projects, joint creation of products, discussion and investigation. Efforts are made to introduce entertaining elements to increase motivation and aid learning of complex knowledge.

Students are accompanied throughout by specialist faculty whose main functions include guiding, orienting, supporting and catalysing the whole of their learning process.

The document presents the basic features of the model and details its evolution and flexibility in a series of innovative methodological and technological proposals.