Digital Identity Matters


Warburton, S. (Coord.) (2010). Digital Identity Matters. Rhizome awareness report. London: King’s College London. Retrieved June 15, 2010 from

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Digital Literacy | Information Society | Usage & Uptake


The Rhizome awareness report entitled ‘Digital Identity Matters’ highlights the issues we face when dealing with our online identities. It outlines the design pattern approach that has been used to help define a set of problems and their solutions that all relate to our understanding and use of a digital identity. The material is released as an open access resource and is aimed at contributing to a deeper understanding of digital identity and the impact it can have on the individual and those around them. It will be of relevance to anyone who uses the Internet to disclose personal information about themselves – be it purposefully through the use of social media tools or as a result of work-based professional activities.