Broadband and the Economy


OECD (2008). Broadband and the Economy. Paris: OECD. Retrieved June 07, 2008 from

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ICT Infrastructure




This report was presented to the Working Party on the Information Economy (WPIE) at its meeting in May 2007 as part of the work for the 2008 OECD Ministerial on ?The Future of the Internet Economy?. It was discussed and recommended to be made public by the Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy in October 2007.

The report was prepared by Desirée van Welsum, OECD Secretariat. It forms part of a larger body of work on the economic impacts of ICTs carried out in the Working Party on the Information Economy, under the overall direction of Graham Vickery, OECD Secretariat. It is published under the responsibility of the Secretary-General of the OECD.

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