Towards effective e-governance: The delivery of public services through local e-content


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Type of work: Report


e-Government | ICT4D | Information Society | Participation


This report represents key findings from a research study conducted by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO) on behalf of Nokia Siemens Networks and Nokia. The Reasearch was undertaken in Ghana, India and South Africa to gather evidence about the demand and supply factors affecting the provision of public services through local e-content...

The research contends that improved understanding of the demand and supply factors concerning public service delivery through ICTs will make e-governance projects in developing countries more effective and therefore improve efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

The research findings are a result of qualitative and quantitative research conducted between September and November 2007 with policymakers, regulators, representatives of the private sector and civil society, as well as users of telecommunications services.

The key findings within this report relate to three important concerns for those focused on improving public servive delivery through ICTs:

1. Which ICT is most effective for stimulating the demand and supply of public services through local e-content?
2. What roles must policymakers, regulators, the private sector and civil society play in such delivery?
3. What are the priorities and attitudes of users with regard to the implementation of ICTs, information and e-content services?