Measuring the Information Economy


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e-Readiness | ICT Infrastructure | Information Society


Are OECD countries embracing the information economy? How big is the ICT sector, how fast is it growing, and what is its contribution to economic performance? Do businesses and individuals use new technologies, and for what purpose? If not, why? What is the volume of electronic commerce and what are the barriers to its take-off? With over 80 indicators based on the most up-to-date official statistics, this study provides a comprehensive international comparison of OECD Member countries’ performance in the information economy. New indicators address emerging policy issues: international differences in the quality and price of the ICT infrastructure, diffusion of Internet technologies in larger and smaller firms, relative size of cross-border electronic transactions, barriers to Internet commerce. This publication combines statistical rigour with easy access and readability: the essential findings are presented in bullet points, and methodological notes on indicators and data sources are provided. For the first time data annexes with time series for the ICT sector are available.