Five ways to identify intranet usability issues

By Ismael Peña-López
ICTlogy (ISSN 1886-5208). Issue #4, January 2004


Via Column Two

Five ways to identify intranet usability issues, article by Donna Maurer, points five checkpoints you should follow to (a) design your intranet (b) maintain it ( c) improve it.

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Walking through scenarios
  • Review existing data
  • Usability evaluation
  • Expert review

In few words:

  • see what the user needs (not what he will need)
  • see what the user does (and why her or she does it that way)
  • fix your errors

Even in less words: your intranet problems are not user incompetence by yours

Nothing new under the sun, but I guess it’s a good reflection :)

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