Goswami, D. (2006). NRI vs DOI. Lyngby: LIRNE.NET. Retrieved April 11, 2008 from

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The World Economic Forum’s 5th Global Information Technology Report 2005-2006 was released recently with updated Networked Readiness Index (NRI) rankings for 2005. The NRI is an assessment of a country’s preparedness and capacity to make use of and benefit from Information Communication Technologies (ICTs). In his review of the NRI, Divakar Goswami argues that a number of extraneous variables have been included that do not shed any light on ICT environment, readiness or usage, while others, that may have added greater robustness to the measure, are missing. Additionally, the credibility of the NRI is called into question by the non-transparent manner in which the authors report the sources of the data and the methodology that was followed to collect the raw data.