Open Source Courseware: A Baseline Study


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Type of work: Report


Education | Open Access


This report presents the results of a study that aims at contributing to the pool of knowledge about Open Source Courseware (OSCW), a fast growing phenomenon in the tertiary education arena. The study sought to identify and document the existing and potential OSCW initiatives globally, analyze the issues involved and discuss potential implications to online tertiary education globally. The study reveals that OSCW has generated interest in all parts of the world with the USA taking the lead. Although the concept is yet to have measurable effects on learning in institutions of higher learning, there are indications that OSCW is viewed as a valuable opportunity by institutions in developing countries. However, their participation is being constrained by lack of the requisite resources to develop and adapt courseware to suit their specific environments. It is also observed that commercial software vendors are beginning to show interest in OSCW. Given current trends, the author predicts that commercial vendors will eventually build partnership with OSCW consortia to provide support and maintenance to OSCW users – a service which is currently lacking.