Manual for the Production of Statistics on the Information Economy


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UNCTAD has releasedits firstManual for the Production of Statistics on the Information Economy to serve as a reference for national statistical offices and other producers of official statistics on business use of information and communications technology (ICT). TheManual provides a guide to data collection and analysis, international standards, and definitions. It also offers model questions for surveys on ICT use, and it reviews important institutional issues related to compiling ICT statistics.

The Manual focuses on statistical issues particular to developing countries and countries with economies in transition, and provides useful advice on how to tackle statistical challenges. It will form the basis of future UNCTAD training courses and other technical assistance on ICT statistics. It also contributes to the wider international work of the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development.

The Manual will be subject to a global consultation with National Statistical Offices during 2007-2008 and subsequently submitted to the UN Statistical Commission for approval in 2009. National Statistical Offices are encouraged to send their comments on any aspect of the Manual, including its content,, before September 2008.