The Internet and Campaign 2004: A Look Back at the Campaigners


Cornfield, M. (2005). The Internet and Campaign 2004: A Look Back at the Campaigners. Washington, DC: Pew Internet & American Life Project. Retrieved July 10, 2007 from

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Information Society | Participation | Politics and Political Science


The Project report confirms that the internet has become an essential medium of American politics. It has done so gradually, like other media. Yet, the internet’s distinctive role in politics has arisen because it can be used in multiple ways. Part deliberative town square, part raucous debating society, part research library, part instant news source, and part political comedy club, the internet connects voters to a wealth of content and commentary about politics. At the same time, campaigners learned a great deal about how to use the internet to attract and aggregate viewers, donors, message forwarders, volunteers, and voters during the 2003-2004 election cycle.