Telecommunications Stakeholder Perceptions of Teledensity: A Comparison of Stakeholders in the Latin American Region to those in Sub-Saharan Africa


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Digital Divide | Digital Literacy


Prior research has identified specific factors that hinder growth of teledensity in developing countries and specific strategies used to overcome such limitations both in Latin America and in Sub Saharan Africa. Prior research has also reported on the perceptions that telecommunications stakeholders have on how various strategies can inform and assist in the enhancement of teledensity in each of the two continental regions. This study investigates similarities and differences in the telecommunication stakeholders’ perspectives of specific strategies used to address teledensity limitations in Latin America as well as in Sub-Saharan Africa. Independent samples of survey participants (Latin America’s and Sub- Saharan Africa’s telecommunications stakeholders) analyzed the strategies. Using appropriate statistical procedures we examined these stakeholders’ perceptions to find areas of commonality and difference in how their perspectives of select strategies. Qualitative comments to support the stakeholders’ responses are reported, together with future research implications.