The Law Of Cyber-Space. An Invitation To The Table Of Negotiations


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ISBN: 92-9182-038-8

Type of work: Report


ICT Infrastructure | Information Society | Policy & Regulation


The Law of Cyber-Space is a sequel to the earlier work on Information Insecurity, in which it had been pointed out that the absence of globally harmonized legislation was turning cyber-space into an area of ever increasing dangers and worries.

It lays down the parameters for a Law of Cyber-Space, and argues in favour of starting negotiations with the full participation of the three concerned stake-holders, namely, the governments, the private sector, and civil society.

In many ways, the situation in cyber-space is similar to the problems faced in dealing with the High Seas, where the absence of any consensus legislation had also created an avoidable and acute vacuum. The international community finally woke up to the challenge, and started negotiations on the Law of the Sea. Those negotiations went on for almost a decade before they succeeded. The world is much better off as a result.

In the case of cyber-space, the challenge is far greater. The speed of change is phenomenal, new shoals and icebergs appear every day, the dangers affect all countries without exception, but global responses are sporadic or non-existent. That is why a globally negotiated and comprehensive Law of Cyber-Space is so essential.