Good Practice Paper On ICTs For Economic Growth And Poverty Reduction


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Type of work: Report




This report aims to give an overview of what DAC members currently know about how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) use in developing economies can stimulate economic growth and poverty reduction. It draws attention to the cross-cutting applications of ICTs, to their role as tools, not goals, and links their use to development co-operation. The report presents three key discussions. Chapter 2 considers the contribution of ICTs to pro-poor growth. Chapter 3 discusses the contribution of ICTs to the Millennium Development Goals, drawing attention to the processes that lead to the goals. Chapter 4 looks specifically at poverty-reduction good practice and relates what is currently known to the role of ICTs. It is hoped that this text will clarify the debate on the role of ICTs, and give a framework for extending the discussion so that ICTs may find their rightful place in development co-operation.