Innovation with open data: Essential elements of open data ecosystems


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e-Government & e-Administration | Open Access | Politics and Political Science


open data, ecosystems


Open data ecosystems are expected to bring many advantages, such as stimulating citizen participation and innovation. However, scant attention has been given to what constitutes an open data ecosystem. The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of essential elements of open data ecosystems for enabling easy publication and use of open data. To achieve this objective, the literature has been reviewed and a scenario about the publication and use of open data has been analyzed. It was found that various applications, tools and portals are available which together can form an ecosystem. The best functionalities of this ecosystem can be selected and utilized by open data providers and users. To create an open data ecosystem at least four key elements should be captured, namely, 1) releasing and publishing open data on the internet, 2) searching, finding, evaluating and viewing data and their related licenses, 3) cleansing, analyzing, enriching, combining, linking and visualizing data and 4) interpreting and discussing data and providing feedback to the data provider and other stakeholders. Furthermore, to integrate the ecosystem elements and to let them act as an integrated whole, there should be three additional elements 5) user pathways showing directions for how open data can be used, 6) a quality management system and 7) different types of metadata to be able to connect the elements.


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Zuiderwijk, A., Janssen, M. & Davis, C. (2014). “Innovation with open data: Essential elements of open data ecosystems”. In Information Polity, 19 (1), 17-33. Amsterdam: IOS Press.