Data ecosystems for protecting European citizens’ digital rights


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e-Government & e-Administration | Open Access


open data, ecosystems


This paper aims to spark a debate by presenting the need for developing data ecosystems in Europe that meet the social and public good while committing to democratic and ethical standards; suggesting a taxonomy of data infrastructures and institutions to support this need; using the case study of Barcelona as the flagship city trailblazing a critical policy agenda of smart cities to show the limitations and contradictions of the current state of affairs; and ultimately, proposing a preliminary roadmap for institutional and governance empowerment that could enable effective data ecosystems in Europe.


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Calzada, I. & Almirall, E. (2020). “Data ecosystems for protecting European citizens’ digital rights”. In Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy, Ahead-of-print. Published online 21 April 2020. Bradford: Emerald.