Gender evaluation final report. Pan Asia networking program


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The aim of the utilization-focused formative gender evaluation of the PAN program at IDRC was to examine the extent to which PAN has pursued a systematic and appropriate approach to gender integration (or mainstreaming) and enhanced the level and quality of gender analysis into the research and applied research projects funded through PAN. The evaluation and subsequent training was carried out by a team of two evaluators from Kartini International from January to November 2009.

The study examined the integration project-level gender integration within a selection of PAN projects, as well as the level of gender capacity and integration among the PAN team on a program-wide level. The evaluation used a utilization-focused participatory approach which involved all five core members of the PAN team in survey questionnaires, interviews and project review feedback. Each phase of the study was planned to engage the primary intended users and to inform the subsequent phases and analyses. The methodology included a combination of the Appreciative Inquiry methodology, and to some extent, the IDRC-funded Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) specifically created for ICT projects. The evaluators reviewed a selection of 10 projects from a gender perspective. This included five networks, one multi-regional and four country programs. A two-day gender training workshop was developed based on the findings to build in-house capacity of the PAN team. The projects chosen by the PAN evaluation steering team4 included a mix of research areas, gender issues, geographic spread and project structure. They covered all the issues that had been listed as areas of concern for gender equality and women‘s empowerment in ICTs in the GEM.