User Centred Methods for Measuring the Value of Open Data


Frank, M. & Walker, J. (2016). “User Centred Methods for Measuring the Value of Open Data”. In The Journal of Community Informatics, Special Issue on Open Data for Social Change and Sustainable Development, 12 (2), 47-68. Vancouver: Journal of Community Informatics. Retrieved May 17, 2017 from

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ISSN: 1712-4441

Type of work: Article (academic)


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od4d, open data


A project to identify metrics for assessing the quality of open data based on the needs of small voluntary sector organisations in the UK and India. We used small structured workshops to identify users’ key problems and then worked from those problems to understand how open data can help address them and what the key attributes must be for successful use. We then piloted different metrics that could be used to measure the presence of those attributes. This user-centred approach to open data research highlighted some fundamental issues with expanding the use of open data from its enthusiast base.