World e-Parliament Report 2008


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ISBN: 978-92-1-023067-4

Type of work: Report


e-Democracy | e-Government | e-Politics


The World e-Parliament Report 2008 is the first of its kind and draws on information generously provided by more than one hundred assemblies from around the world. Its purpose is not to rank legislatures by e-parliament levels, but rather to stimulate an international debate on these topics by offering an overview of issues for a broad range of interested readers, at a time when inter-parliamentary cooperation is increasing.

The Report offers to parliaments an authoritative baseline so that they can conduct their own assessment on the use of ICT in their daily work, draw lessons from the different practices presented therein, and see how they can improve their processes. It also provides civil society, business and the academia with a useful instrument to evaluate the complexities of using ICT in such a multifaceted institution as parliament. Moreover, the Report may help the international community to make the right decision when considering supporting legislatures through capacity development initiatives and technical assistance.

The World e-Parliament Report 2008 is a tangible contribution of the United Nations, through its Department of Economic and Social Affairs, and the Inter-Parliamentary Union to the implementation of the outcome of the World Summit on the Information Society, bringing to it a unique and innovative parliamentary dimension from a much needed global perspective.

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