Trendreport: Motivation, Access, Use and Skills. A European and Dutch perspective


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Type of work: Report


Digital Divide | Digital Literacy | Usage & Uptake


The Digital Skills & Awareness programme is intended to promote optimum maximum use of computers and the internet by the population of the Netherlands. To achieve this result, these media need to be easily accessible to everyone. Moreover, people need to have the skills necessary to be able to use computers and the internet as they wish and in a safe and secure manner. Once this has been achieved, they will have mastered the technology. Simply having the necessary equipment or access is not sufficient to be able to participate fully in today’s information society. The principle trend in the past ten years has been that while the physical access problem has gradually been resolved, the problems and the inequality of skills and use have actually increased. This report focuses on the various phases through which people need to progress in order to obtain full access to computers and the internet. Statistics have been collated at both European and national level with a view to highlighting trends that serve to furnish an accurate overall perspective of the situation with regard to computers and the internet.