La Brecha digital y el uso de las TIC para la Educación


Peña-López, I. (2009). La Brecha digital y el uso de las TIC para la Educación. Conferencia impartida en la Asesoría para la puesta en marcha de la Escuela Virtual de Participación Local del Instituto Distrital de Participación y Acción Comunal de la Secretaría de Gobierno de la Alcaldía de Bogotá. Bogotá: ICTlogy. Retrieved March 11, 2009 from

Work data:

Type of work: Seminar


Digital Divide | e-Democracy | e-Government & e-Administration | e-Learning and Instructional Technology | ICT4D | Usage & Uptake


The presentation has four different parts:

  1. Slides 1-6: A brief introduction and some highlights about the crossroads between participation, governance, human rights and the changes that the Information Society is bringing in. The topic just frames my introductory presentation, and is later on developed in depth by professor Jaime Torres, Universidad de los Andes.
  2. Slides 7-12: Second part is a characterization of the Digital Divide. It actually is about the digital divides, which is absolutely my point: there are many of them, and most of them usually kept out of the spotlight.
  3. Slides 13-21: Third part is about networks. It is focused in development and development cooperation. There’ll be time to explore online volunteering, development 2.0, the gift economy, etc.
  4. Slides 22-31: A last part is about (how great it is) e-learning for development issues, from different points of view: efficacy, efficiency, suitability, convenience, etc.

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