Basic course on Emergency Telecommunications


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In response to the needs identified by the young participants in the ITU-TELECOM–Youth Forum, held in Busan, Korea, from 7 to 11 September 2004, the ITU/BDT has developed a basic course on Emergency Telecommunications.

The course was made available through the ITU’s e-Learning Centre and was held on-line for the Alumni of the Youth Forum Asia 2004.

Through this course, the Youth Programme aims at providing a basic knowledge in Emergency Telecommunications to the youth worldwide which enables them to contribute to disaster prevention and mitigation

This particular course on Emergency Telecommunications is specifically targeted to young men and women, with no prior knowledge of emergency management or technologies related to emergency warning and relief. Students are given an overview of the concepts of emergency management and disaster response, the responsibilities of key institutions and the role of volunteers.

The material of the course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Emergency Telecommunications and Disaster Management.

  • Role of Emergency Telecommunications at various stages of Disaster Management.

  • Building resilient telecommunication infrastructure for disaster mitigation.

  • Multi-Hazard role of ICT in Disaster Management.

  • Contribution of an effective ICT for Disaster Mitigation to Economic and Social Development.

  • Practical Measures to be taken when disasters strike to enhance response and relief.

This training source is now distributed worldwide through the Administrations in order to make it freely available for the young people through educational institutions, universities and internet-cafes.