Ciencia 2.0: catálogo de herramientas e implicaciones para la actividad investigadora


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Type of work: Article (academic)


Communication | Knowledge Management | Open Access | Social Media & Social Software


The concept of Science 2.0 is introduced and analysed based on its principal characteristics: user participation and collaboration, as well as free information exchange by means of web applications. A categorisation of tools for main web 2.0 functionalities for scientists is detailed: blog networks, journals with 2.0 tools, online reference managers and social tagging, open data and information reutilisation, social networks, and audio and video-science. Main factors influencing the use of these tools are presented. Finally, the consequences for scientific activity of general adoption of these services and applications are discussed.


See also: Acerca de la ciencia 2.0 by Luis Javier Martínez.