OECD Information Technology Outlook 2008


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ISBN: 978-92-64-05553-7

Type of work: Report


e-Readiness | ICT Infrastructure | Information Society


Information technology (IT) and broadband are major drivers of research, innovation, economic growth and social change. The 2008 edition of the OECD Information Technology Outlook analyses recent developments in the IT goods and services industries, and suggests that the outlook is for continued long-term growth, constrained by the currently very uncertain macroeconomic environment in OECD countries. 

Cross-border investment, trade, and mergers and acquisitions remain high, and ICTs drive globalisation in general. The industry is rapidly restructuring, and China and India are major suppliers of information and communications technology (ICT)-related goods and services.

The Internet is changing everyday life for 1.5 billion people worldwide, with their socio-economic standing influencing how they use the Web. The dynamic growth of digital-content-based creative industries is outlined, covering user-created content; online computer and video games; film, video and music; and online advertising.

Recent trends in OECD ICT policies are analysed to assess whether they are rising to these new challenges. Highly prioritised policy areas include investing in ICT R&D and innovation, improving government online activities, spreading broadband, increasing the use of ICTs, raising ICT skills and employment, and supporting digital content development. Changing policy priorities are reviewed.

This edition has been extensively updated through November 2008 to take account of rapidly worsening economic conditions.

Access to the underlying Excel spreadsheets used to create the tables and graphs is available from both the printed and electronic editions via the StatLinks provided on each page.

Publication of the OECD Information Technology Outlook alternates every year with the OECD Communications Outlook (latest edition published in July 2007).