Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Development Indices


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This report updates UNCTAD’s ICT Development Indices to benchmark ICT development and review trends in the digital divide. It presents a summary of the policy options that countries can adopt to foster ICT development, and illustrates these by reviewing four country case studies that have successfully promoted growth in ICTs. Importantly, this Report adds depth to its benchmarking analysis by describing examples of innovative grassroots programmes in the field of ICTs in Africa. One of the key findings of the analysis is that it is not merely policy that matters but also what drives the policy and the quality of its implementation. The report contributes to the discussion on how to overcome the digital divide on the basis of examples of ICT policies that are being enacted in practice and to draw guidance as to how implementation might be improved. It represents part of UNCTAD’s contribution to the World Summit on the Information Society, to be held in Tunis in November 2005.


Paper for the panel on Indicators of Technology Development, Geneva 22-24 May 2002.

More information: CSTD Panel on "Indicators of Technology Development".

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