HumanIT 2003


Pettersson, J.S. (Ed.) (2003). HumanIT 2003. Karlstad University Studies 2003:26. Karlstad: Karlstad University.

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ISBN: 91-85019-43-7

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Type of work: Book


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The volume HumanIT 2003 consists of contributions from seventeen of the researchers and the research students involved in HumanIT activities during the last three years. Some chapters report past activities, some are directed more towards future research activities. The contributions span from the linguistic details of Internet chats, over IT-related stress and privacy risk management, to using IT to alleviate poverty in the large portions of the world where no-one has ever used any kind of IT appliance. The volume also includes an introduction to the Centre itself.

The Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen) has supported HumanIT by a special Platform grant to Karlstad University during January 2001-August 2003. The mentors of this Platform project have provided a preface to the above mentioned volume.