ITU Survey: Is the Internet worth it?

By Ismael Peña-López
ICTlogy (ISSN 1886-5208). Issue #8, May 2004




The results of the survey conduced by the International Telecommunication Union say that 94.2% agree with the statement “cyberspace should be declared a resource to be shared by all for the global public good”:

though it varies slightly depending on the continent you’re on:

When entering specific issues (ensuring access, e-government, e-health or ICT training) the differences amongst continents widen. Man, we’re so blind we don’t see Europe and North America has taken advantage once again and we have to foster ICT where needed. Not even empathy lets us think out of our shells. So sad…

And if you think these differences of criteria are huge, take a look at the bias of the sample: 52.2% respondents were Europeans and 20.78% working for the government. This means there are a lot of people already enjoying comfortably internet access, content and services. I wonder what the results would have been if the survey would not have been carried on on-line but on-site.

What a mess!

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