Development and International Cooperation in the Twenty-first Century: The Role of Information Technology in the Context of a Knowledge-Based Global Economy


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Information and communication technologies (ICT) are central to the creation of a global knowledge-based economy and society. ICT can play an especially important part in accelerating growth, eradicating poverty and promoting sustainable development in developing and transition economy countries and in facilitating their beneficial integration into the global economy. At the same time, the experience of developed countries shows that indiscriminate investment in ICT can lead to large-scale waste. For developing and transition economy countries to benefit from the lessons of this experience and to avoid misinvestment and capture benefits, appropriate institutional arrangements need to be made. These opportunities and risks call for urgent and concerted action at the national and international levels. The United Nations system has an obligation to promote such action. To this end, there is a need for a comprehensive programme of action to be carried out through global ICT partnerships and the mobilization of the required resources. Key elements of such a programme are summarized below.