Il Divario digitale: Internet e le nuove disuguaglianze sociali


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ISBN: 88-15-10970-6

Type of work: Book


Digital Divide


New economy, information society, network society, post-industrial society, knowledge economy, e-society. All these labels are indicative of the enormous scope of the historic changes taking place nowadays, and highlight new electronic communications technology as a decisive component of them. The amazing possibilities that have opened up for us, thanks in particular to the Internet, nevertheless go hand-in-hand with new inequalities. It was the UN Secretary-General who declared, speaking of developing countries, "people lack many things: jobs, shelter, food, health care and drinking water. Today, being cut off from basic telecommunications services is a hardship almost as acute as these other deprivations". But even in developed countries, where material deprivation is more limited, disparities in access to new communications technology have a serious impact.

This phenomenon, known as the "digital divide", is the subject of an increasing number of surveys, debates, speeches and policies. This volume paints a comprehensive picture of it, accompanied by a wealth of information and data.