A republic for all sentients: Social freedom without free will


Páez, J.E. (2021). “A republic for all sentients: Social freedom without free will”. In Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, First published: 16 March 2021. Los Angeles: University of Southern California and John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Retrieved July 17, 2021 from https://doi.org/10.1111/papq.12351

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ISSN: 1468-0114

Type of work: Article (academic)




Most nonhuman animals live on the terms imposed on them by human beings. This condition of being under the mastery of another, or domination, is what republicanism identifies as political unfreedom. Yet there are several problems that must be solved in order to successfully extend republicanism to animals. Here I focus on the question of whether freedom can be a benefit for individuals without a free will. I argue that once we understand the grounds that make freedom a desirable property of choices, we can see how it is appropriate to predicate it of those made by any sentient agent.