Global Information Technology Report 2003-2004: Towards an Equitable Information Society


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The Global Information Technology Report 2003-2004 is the third in a series, the result of a collaboration among infoDev, the World Economic Forum, and INSEAD France. Recognizing the importance of benchmarking performance and disseminating best practices, the Global Information Technology Report assesses the progress of networked readiness in countries, revealing the obstacles that prevent countries from fully capturing the benefi ts of ICT. Beyond just providing a yearly “snapshot” of networked readiness, the Report establishes a process whereby governments, businesses and other stakeholders can evaluate progress on a continual basis. The theme of the 2003-2004 report, “Towards a More Equitable Information Society” is one that reflects the relevance of ICT to economic and social development. In keeping with our theme, we have made a special effort to include 20 more developing countries, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa. This brings the country coverage up to 102 countries, making the report the most comprehensive assessment of networked readiness in the world.