Policy Studies


Policy Studies . Abingdon: Taylor & Francis. Retrieved August 27, 2019 from https://www.tandfonline.com/loi/cpos20

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ISSN: 1470-1006

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Policy & Regulation | Politics and Political Science


The world of public policy has become an increasingly small one as a consequence of dramatic changes to global political and economic institutional structures and to nation states themselves. These changes at the structural level of the global system have impacted upon the work of public organizations either directly or indirectly and have broadened the field of action in policy studies. Policy Studies explores the implications of these changes for both the study and the practice of policy-making. It has five main areas of intellectual interest:

  1. To broaden the lens of policy analysis through the publication of research which locates policy-making within a theoretical, historical or comparative perspective.
  2. To widen the field of enquiry in policy analysis through the publication of research that examines policy issues in a British, comparative, international or global context.
  3. To promote constructive debate on theoretical, methodological and empirical issues in policy analysis.
  4. To encourage greater interaction between the world of academia and the world of practice through the encouragement of articles from practitioners and academics with real practical significance.
  5. To stay apace with developments in the international field of action through the publication of country reports on administrative developments.
  6. We therefore encourage the submission of articles in these areas in order to provide a forum for the theoretical and practical discussion of public policy-making.