Mapping an emergent Open Data eco-system


McLeod, M. & McNaughton, M. (2016). “Mapping an emergent Open Data eco-system”. In The Journal of Community Informatics, Special Issue on Open Data for Social Change and Sustainable Development, 12 (2), 26-46. Vancouver: Journal of Community Informatics. Retrieved May 17, 2017 from

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ISSN: 1712-4441

Type of work: Article (academic)


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od4d, open data


The purpose of this paper is to explore a methodological approach to understand an emergent Open Data eco-system in developing countries and specifically tourism sector contexts. The conceptual and methodological bases using Actor Network Theory (ANT) and Social Network Analysis (SNA) are explored to understand their application to the Open Data phenomenon. Thirteen tourism industry officials in the public sector of five Caribbean countries were interviewed using a research instrument derived from the Open Data Research Network (ODRN) Common Assessment Framework for Open Data. The findings reveal an inter-connected emergent Open Data eco-system across five Caribbean countries.