School Leadership for Learning: Insights from TALIS 2013


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ISBN: 978-92-64-25834-1

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"At the core of the emphasis on professional learning communities is the idea that knowledge is situated in the day-to-day experiences of teachers and is best understood through critical reflection with others who share the same experience. Moreover, teachers who actively engage in professional learning communities will be able to increase their professional knowledge, which might lead to the enhancement of student learning." (p15)

"Positive teacher-student relationships are more common in schools with distributed leadership in all educational levels. Schools creating opportunities for students and their parents or guardians to participate in school decisions means teachers are interested in what students have to say and are likely to be concerned with students’ well being. Thus, distributed leadership may result in a greater sense of belonging among students and parents, as well as common responsibility for the functioning of the school among all key stakeholders." (p.16)