10 trends in open innovation. How to leverage social media for new forms of cooperation


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Some of the greatest repercussions of the Internet are the push for openness, transparency and creativity. Social networks are giving rise to an unseen expansion of global collaboration and innovation. Open innovation embraces business, activists and governments as well as individual citizens in a world without borders, where ideas are constantly emerging and evolving. Open source is no longer linked to just software development, it is a new way to implement solutions more efficient.

Ideas are more easily and quickly implemented, for example through crowdfunding, and are now detached from time and space, simply connecting people’s knowledge and creativity. The phenomenon is not limited to the Internet only, as a number of innovation hubs are emerging across the world; and it is also not limited to just startups, as companies can re-invent themselves, their research and development.

But how can organizations tap into these networks of flowing ideas and get involved in this ever-changing landscape? And, when contrary, what would the consequences of not joining be? The following articles invite the reader to a journey around the world to understand the various dimensions behind open innovation and how this new form of global collaboration works.

They explore openness from the startups's standpoint, and how we can practice new forms of collective learning across continents. Each chapter looks into the many opportunities for an organization to be open – what it means to engage in crowdsourcing and how these new forms of cooperation are used to tackle large and small challenges including those for social development. This publication showcases fascinating examples and approaches on how open innovation can be implemented in a successful manner.