Electronic portfolios: A five-year history


Campbell, J. (1996). “Electronic portfolios: A five-year history”. In Computers and Composition, 13 (2), 185–194. London: Elsevier.

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e-Learning and Instructional Technology


From 1989–1990, staff at Conestoga Elementary School in Gillette, Wyoming, implemented an electronic portfolio system—essentially, on archival data bank on holistic student growth—to store both two-dimensional information, such as writing and drawing, and fullmotion video sequences for each student. Technology assistants or teachers use a combination of flatbed scanner, video camera, computer, and software to create the digitized data stored in each portfolio. Other peripherals are a printer, optical drive, CD-ROM drive, and speakers. Teachers, parents, and students themselves can access the portfolios, which reside on high-storage capacity, rewritable optical disks. These portfolios are historical compilations from kindergarten through third grade, with plans to continue the compilation through sixth grade.